project44 for Transportation Providers

Deliver superior transportation services with fewer missed deadlines, better customer experience, and lower costs per shipment.

With over 1000 carrier APIs and an average of 2.1M daily freight transactions, being a part of project44’s network allows you to focus on what matters most…providing best-in-class technology and service to your customers.

How your legacy systems and processes work…

Results in unhappy, dissatisfied customers.

Increases the overall cost of operations, shrinking margins.

Reduces your exposure to new business opportunities.

Working Smarter, Not Harder.

We’ve changed the way transportation systems communicate to help carriers successfully operate in today’s competitive market. When connected to project44, carriers are spending an average of 72% less time on administrative tasks than when reliant on EDI, decreasing your overall cost per shipment and improving customer service.

Business is Dynamic. Your Pricing Should Be Too.

Airlines and stadiums maximize profits and optimize how they fill their seats by adjusting pricing in real-time to meet supply and demand. So why are transportation carriers still forced to rely on static pricing to fill their trucks or containers? project44 has built a network of web-service connectivity to power more advanced and dynamic pricing capabilities.

Your Key to Success: Simple, Yet Sophisticated SaaS Products

With your carrier APIs connected to project44's CPN, transportation providers deliver the most accurate information in the fastest way possible. Join some of the fast-growing and most innovative carriers.

Today’s Fastest Growing Carriers Use project44 to Grow Profitability

With a network facilitates over 2.1M daily transactions via 1000+ API carrier connections, project44 has quickly grown to be known as the industry standard for web service APIs.

Our tools will open up your network for new business while supporting nearly unlimited requests per second with limited bandwidth requirements on your systems.

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project44 doesn’t charge carriers to connect to the project44 network. Upload your API today to get started.

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“By better knowing our demand, and the cost to meet that demand on a daily basis, we are better able to understand our costs. This enables us to charge a fair price across the board, without having some shipments subsidize other less profitable moves. Our customers benefit from this increased visibility and responsiveness by taking advantage of lower rates, when we have more capacity to serve their needs more effectively.”

– Averitt Express