project44 for Suppliers

Meet unforgiving delivery deadlines with agile, real-time transportation solutions and on-demand supply chain connectivity.

project44 eliminates your need for legacy communication tools like Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), empowering you to communicate critical real-time data with the rest of your supply chain and meet tightened on-time delivery deadlines.

How your legacy systems and IT processes work…

Limits your ability to meet delivery deadlines.

Leads to poor vendor scorecard ratings with key retailers.

Significantly cuts into your profits.

The Room For Error is Shrinking. Your Profits Shouldn’t.

As retailers continue to eliminate delivery grace periods and impose hefty fees around single-day arrival requirements, suppliers no longer have the flexibility to rely on slow systems with intermittent connectivity and fragmented data. project44 helps manufactures and distributors reduce fines and improve their vendor scorecards.

Retailers are hiking fines on late shipments up to 5% of the order cost, escalating shipment fees of $5,000-$10,000 for suppliers who fail to meet delivery timelines.

Your Key to Success: Simple, Yet Sophisticated SaaS Products

Manufacturers and distributers using EDI are making business and transportation decisions based on stale, inaccurate information. Power your network with our secure, intelligent multi-mode APIs.

project44’S Intelligent API Solutions have been Praised by Top Industry Experts

The on-premise and legacy technologies currently in place cannot support the complex and dynamic demands of today’s global supply chain.

project44 empowers manufacturers and distributors to compete in the new on-demand reality by delivering goods in the most precise timeframe possible with the highest level of transparency and operational efficiency.

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The cost of our APIs will never impede you from accessing the benefits of project44. Contact us to learn more about pricing models.

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Explore the API connection processes. Here’s a hint, “integration” takes only 2-3 weeks and 1 developer.

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“Stockouts, though disappointing for a customer and detrimental to a company’s bottom line, point to a much larger issue. Corporations have recently struggled to address complexities in their supply chain as they respond to a significant shift in consumer purchasing behavior. However, EDI technology, the industry’s legacy communication system, will impede their supplier network from meeting the newly imposed precise delivery requirements.”

- Mary Holcomb, Gerald T. Niedert Supply Chain Fellow & Professor of Supply Chain Management, University of Tennessee