project44 for Retailers

Get on-demand inventory visibility and connectivity with agile, real-time transportation solutions.

Rather than managing multiple legacy technologies, project44's connectNG™ provides instant access to normalized transportation data directly within your TMS. Ultimately, empowering you to compete with giants like Amazon and Alibaba.

How your legacy systems and IT processes work…

Limits your ability to prevent stockouts.

Fails to meet evolving customer demands.

Leads to poor supplier and carrier compliance.

You Shouldn’t Be Losing to Amazon.

Those who fail to seamlessly execute omnichannel strategies are losing ground. Their disappointed customers are flocking to those better equipped to meet their expectations. With project44, optimize your inventory management processes to achieve true agility and visibility and better meet consumer expectations.

90% of retail executives think that mastering Logistics is the key to achieving competitive advantage in the on demand economy.

Stockouts are Costly. They’re also Avoidable.

Stockouts cost you more today than ever. In addition to losing out on immediate purchases, 33% of US consumers actually blame the retailer for the issue, eroding your long-term sales and breaking brand loyalty. project44 helps you avoid stockouts without bloating inventory.

In 2015, 75% of adult US consumers experienced at least one unavailable product in-store within a 12-month period.

Your Key to Success: Simple, Yet Sophisticated SaaS Products

Better meet the rapidly evolving demands of your consumer while growing your margins. Power your transportation networks and improve supplier compliance with our API-Based Solutions.

project44 has been Praised by Top Industry Experts

The need for real-time visibility into supply chain networks a requirement for success. However, the on-premise and legacy technologies currently in place cannot support the complex and dynamic demands of today’s global supply chain.

project44 empowers retailers to compete in the new on-demand reality by delivering goods in the shortest timeframe possible with the highest level of transparency and operational efficiency.

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"Overall, project44 has been critical to our success. Their modern network has saved us a tremendous amount of money, freed up internal resources and helped us make smarter decisions at a faster pace. We’ve seen a dramatic decrease in customer service requirements with both our supply chain partners and our end customers because our information is so much more accurate and understandable."

- National Retailer