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Visibility is your top priority. Get the only platform that delivers it for Full Truckload and LTL.

project44's automated freight solutions provide the visibility and speed required to accommodate consumer demands while growing revenue and increasing productivity.

Legacy technologies like EDI make it impossible to put your customers first

Vendors miss inbound delivery deadlines, increasing the frequency and impact of stockouts

Volatile online and in-store customer experiences lead to plummeting brand loyalty

Slow transportation networks with massive supply chain costs

Market leading retailers put their customers first

project44 replaces outdated legacy technologies and automates the entire freight shipment lifecycle, accelerating your transformation to a consumer-centric supply chain.

90% of retail executives report that mastering logistics is the key to competing in the on-demand economy.

Stockouts are avoidable

In addition to losing out on purchases, stockouts erode your long-term sales and destroy brand loyalty. project44 empowers you to eliminate stockouts without bloating inventory.

In 2016, 75% of adult US consumers experienced at least one stockout within a 12-month period.

Your Key to Success: Modern Automation Solutions

project44 dramatically shifted the technology landscape by using a divergent and more efficient approach to connecting you with your capacity providers.

We are the first and only multimodal automation platform focused on replacing multiple legacy technologies with a single modern network that facilitates all transactions from quote-to-invoice.

project44 selected as Gartner's Cool Vendor in Supply Chain Execution Technology in 2017

"p44 uses an approach to connecting carriers and their trading partners that is more efficient than other vendors in the market. They leverage API connectivity to replace outdated mechanisms like EDI, SMC3 rate bureaus, FTP, spreadsheets, website scraping, and manual process."

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project44's approach provides a multimodal quote-to-invoice network of API connectivity, which delivers accurate and real-time information to keep shippers and their customers updated on vital transportation information. Supply chain and logistics management leaders in the retail industry that are focused on improving their communication with transportation providers and supply chain partners should consider project44.

- Bart De Muynck, Gartner Cool Vendors in Supply Chain Execution Technologies, 2017