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Deliver seamless eCommerce consumer experiences with intelligent, real-time shipping and shopping cart solutions.

project44 was founded to ensure that eCommerce businesses are empowered to communicate critical data with their transportation providers and supply chain partners in a fully-automated, real-time manner.

How your legacy systems and IT processes work…

Leads to more shopping cart abandonment.

Fails to meet customer demands for transparency.

Increases the cost of transportation and limits your profitability.

Delivery Standards are Mode-Agnostic.

Your consumers do not know the difference between freight and small package items, expecting the same transit options and visibility when shopping online. Connect your shopping carts with backend logistics optimization to provide consumers with transparent shipping rates and optimized transit times on freight items.

44% of online shoppers abandon carts after examining total cost, shipping charges and delivery options and determining that your option is not the most competitive.

Deliver Superior Services and Work Smarter.

If you think your manual systems and EDI integrations are working just fine, think again. When connected to project44, businesses are spending less time on administrative tasks. Need another reason? project44 is cheaper and faster to deploy than EDI or legacy platforms, saving you time and money while increasing your flexibility to respond to dynamic situations.

Businesses are spending an average of 67% less time on administrative tasks, and directly repurposing that saved time to revenue generating activities.

Your Key to Success: Simple, Yet Sophisticated SaaS Products

Power your eCommerce platforms with our suite of APIs-based solutions to better meet the rapidly evolving demands of your consumers while growing your margins and increasing productivity.

project44 has been praised by top industry experts

The global supply chain needs best-in-class SaaS products to support consumers’ rapidly evolving ecommerce purchasing behavior and expectations for on-demand, transparent services.

As demonstrated by our growth rate and high level of customer satisfaction, project44 has emerged as the undeniable industry leader, driving the supply chain towards true visibility and real-time connectivity.

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"With project44's Rating and Transit Time APIs, we've been able to offer accurate shipping rates and real-time transit times to customers directly within their shopping carts, resulting in an immediate reduction in shopping cart abandonment on freight items."

- National Ecommerce Retailer