project44 for Logistics Providers

Increasing your margins starts with API-based transportation solutions.

project44 is the first and only multimodal platform focused on replacing multiple, expensive legacy technologies with a single modern network to facilitate all transactions from quote-to-invoice.

How your legacy systems and IT processes work…

Results in unhappy, dissatisfied customers.

Costs you net profit, shrinking your margins.

Increases your reputation as a broker, rather than a strategic partner.

Better Relationships are Good for Business.

Your customers are demanding real-time visibility and actionable data, which cannot be delivered while reliant on EDI. With project44, putting relationships front and center is easy and cost effective. Provide best-in-class customer service, real-time data and complete transparency, building trust and loyalty while reducing your operating costs.

Increasing customer retention rates by a mere 5% increases profits by 25% to 95%.

Work Smarter, Not Harder.

If you think your manual systems and EDI integrations are working just fine, think again. When connected to project44, businesses are spending less time on administrative tasks. Need another reason? project44 is cheaper and faster to deploy than EDI or legacy platforms, saving you time and money while increasing your flexibility to respond to dynamic situations.

EDI integrations can take up to 22 weeks and cost $15,000. A project44 connection is free of cost and takes an average of 2-3 weeks.

Your Key to Success: Simple, Yet Sophisticated SaaS Products

Rather than managing various, expensive legacy technologies, project44’s connectNG™ provides instant access to normalized capacity provider data directly within a your TMS Interface.

project44 works with the most strategic 3PLs

We combine best-in-class security features with scalable SaaS infrastructure — so that data is always protected and implementations are quick, low cost and flexible. That’s why those leveraging project44 are reaping benefits at the expense of their competitors lacking the vision.

With over 2.1M daily freight transactions, project44 combines transportation and technology expertise to help you do what you do best… move freight faster and make money.

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The cost of our APIs will never impede you from accessing the benefits of project44. Contact us to learn more about pricing models.

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These calculators simulate the annual return on investment that you could realize by replacing legacy connectivity technologies with project44. Find out just how much is legacy technology costing you.

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"Before project44, we did connect with a handful of carriers directly, but quickly found out that each carrier unfortunately uses their own complex schemas and web service technologies which greatly complicated the effort. project44's network allows us to embrace new API capabilities without having to devote significant development resources that take them aware from other critical initiatives."

- Top US-Based Logistics Provider