Optimize Retailer-Supplier Relationships

Create transparency through technology.

Even with shrinking delivery windows, deadlines can be met on-time and in-full. Our automation solutions empower retailers and suppliers to capture and share real-time data, improving how the entire supply chain manages inventory and meets requirements.

Legacy technologies require you to work harder to meet consumer expectations.

Tightened delivery deadlines are too specific for legacy technologies to be effective, resulting in hiked fines on late or incomplete orders.

Customers have evolved to become harder to please. Poor inventory management increases the prevalence of volatile shopping experiences.

Visibility blackholes threaten retailer-supplier relationships by negatively impacting promotional opportunities and overall sales.

Create Transparency through Technology

Improved retailer-supplier collaboration is paramount for keeping products on shelves and shoppers happy. project44's real-time visibility and full lifecycle automation solutions create transparency, empowering all parties to better manage inventory.

90% of retail executives think real-time data connectivity is the key to achieving a competitive advantage

Visibility is a Requirement for Success

Retailers need to ensure products are available at the right time and through the right channel. project44 helps suppliers deliver on-time and in-full on a consistent basis to ensure retailer deadlines are met without incurring fines for late or incomplete deliveries.

Only 39% of retailers have a visibility system, even fewer actually leverage visibility data into event management

Your Key to Success: Modern Automation Solutions

We know that delivery windows are a point of contention.

project44 provides end-to-end visibility into in-transit inventory, ensuring delivery deadlines are met without incurring fines for late or incomplete orders. We are the only multimodal automation platform focused on replacing multiple legacy technologies with a single modern API-based network to optimize all your freight transactions from quote-to-invoice.

What can you automate with project44?

project44 selected as Gartner's Cool Vendor in Supply Chain Execution Technology in 2017

"p44 uses an approach to connecting carriers and their trading partners that is more efficient than other vendors in the market. They leverage API connectivity to replace outdated mechanisms like EDI, SMC3 rate bureaus, FTP, spreadsheets, website scraping, and manual process."


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How Much Does Legacy Tech Cost You?

Our impact calculator simulates the annual ROI that you can achieve by replacing legacy connectivity technologies with p44.

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Missing Wal-Mart Delivery Windows Will Cost Suppliers

Delivery windows have always been a point of contention for retailers, but with customer expectations becoming more and more stringent, retailers find themselves needing to adjust.

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“Stockouts, though disappointing for a customer and detrimental to a company’s bottom line, point to a much larger issue. Corporations have recently struggled to address complexities in their supply chain as they respond to a significant shift in consumer purchasing behavior. The strategic moves by Target and Wal-Mart are logical in order to remain competitive and meet the dynamic needs of consumers. However, EDI and legacy technology will impede their supplier network from meeting these precise delivery requirements.”

Mary Holcomb, Gerald T. Niedert Supply Chain Fellow & Professor of Supply Chain Management, University of Tennessee.