Replace Expensive Rate Bureaus with Automation

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Amazon and Uber are entering the logistics market and creating a massive margin compressions for 3PLs and traditional brokers. You can offset that by gaining efficiencies. project44 is uniquely positioned to automate how you secure LTL rate quotes and transit times.

The structure of traditional rate bureaus make it impossible for you to succeed

High software costs eat into your profits, shrinking your margins.

Incomplete connectivity limits your ability to make data-driven, agile decisions.

Manually loading tariffs and base rates wastes productivity and resources.

Book Freight Faster with Higher Margins

Eliminate the high annual software costs of RateWare XL and CarrierConnect XL with direct API connections to your capacity providers. Even better, with project44 you no longer have to spend time continuously loading or updating tariffs (CSP or Blanket) or manually double checking rates.

Eliminate the manual database tasks like phone calls/emails to check accuracy, database management, rate loading, and data scrubbing and sorting.

Ensure your Quotes that Match your Invoices

A lot of variables go into a freight quote, and your invoices rarely match by the time the manual booking process is complete. With project44's automation solutions, eliminate the discrepancy between quotes and invoices all together, saving time and money.

Improve overall data integrity from quote-to-invoice by eliminating the data anomalies and duplications typical with manual and legacy processes.

Your Key to Success: Modern Automation Solutions

You don't have to spend significant resources to manage customer specific and blanket tariffs and pay high annual software costs for duplicate, incomplete rate databases.

With deep roots in trucking and enterprise SaaS, project44 gives you better connectivity from every LTL carrier with a low-cost, pay-as-you-go pricing model. We are the only platform focused on replacing multiple legacy technologies with a single network to facilitate all transactions from quote-to-invoice.

What can you automate with project44?

project44 selected as Gartner's Cool Vendor in Supply Chain Execution Technology in 2017

"p44 uses an approach to connecting carriers and their trading partners that is more efficient than other vendors in the market. They leverage API connectivity to replace outdated mechanisms like EDI, SMC3 rate bureaus, FTP, spreadsheets, website scraping, and manual process."


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How Automation Outperforms Rate Bureaus


Get Invoices That Match Your Freight Quote

A lot of variables go into a freight quote, and the invoices rarely match by the time the manual process is complete. Use p44's automation solutions to eliminate the discrepancy between quotes and invoices all together.

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How Much Do Rate Bureaus Cost You?

p44 has dramatically shifted the technology landscape by using a more efficient approach to connecting you your capacity providers. Our impact calculator simulates the annual ROI that you can achieve by replacing RateWare XL and CarrierConnect XL.

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With traditional rate bureaus we wasted a lot of valuable time and money on managing tariffs. Not only did access to the annual software licenses of RateWare XL and CarrierConnect XL come at a hefty price, but we carried unnecessary personnel costs while losing productivity by needing entire teams to manually load tariffs and check rate accuracy with carriers.