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Simple, powerful API-based connectivity

It’s hard to help customers when your technology won’t let you. project44 transforms your organization by automating real-time information exchange and eliminating the friction of integration. Ultimately, enabling unprecedented speed, agility and rapid change.

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Legacy technology systems and processes result in a terrible customer experience.

Stale data and poor decision making

Expensive manual processes

Volatile customers relationships and limited new business exposure

What if there was a better way?

Most carriers have invested in inward technology like handhelds and dock systems, but have yet to fully build out external, modern data connectivity with their customers. project44 bridges that gap.

As the leader in API-based transportation solutions, project44 is here to help ensure that your APIs meet top industry standards now and in the future. To understand where you are and where you need to go, get started with project44's API Technology Assessment.

This first-of-its kind assessment provides the necessary information for you to execute proactive, competitive API strategies.

Industry Leading Carriers are Betting on Automation

Transportation leaders are leveraging automation solutions to fundamentally re-shape the end-to-end shipping experience now and in the future.

project44 is the only technology provider in FedEx Freight’s innovative API Integration Program. This first of its kind offering allows project44 to distribute FedEx Web Services to their LTL shipping customers.

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With this interactive experience, take a look under the hood at our analyst-acclaimed technology that quickly turns your digital initiatives into competitive advantages by creating a smarter end-to-end shipping experience.

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Why connect into the p44 Capacity Provider Network?

p44 has dramatically shifted the technology landscape by using a more efficient approach to connecting shippers and 3PLs with their capacity providers. Our impact calculator simulates the annual ROI that you can achieve by replacing legacy process with project44.

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project44 has designed a much larger and robust service offering, more so than other vendors in the market from what we have seen, and is leveraging the power of real-time automation to ensure capacity providers interact with their customers without delays or errors. By investing in capacity provider relationships from the start and constantly partnering with us to improve our technology stack, they are accelerating the industry’s digital transformation and ensuring that we can support the growing customer demand for automated and visibility freight services.

Michael Bookout, Former Executive Vice President Pricing and Carrier Relations at GlobalTranz