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project44 delivers tailored integration solutions that swiftly overcome the challenges of information asymmetry. By digitizing the entire shipment lifecycle, project44 ensures you have access to the right information, at the right time—creating a smarter end-to-end shipping experience.

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Legacy technology systems and processes result in a terrible customer experience.

Stale data and blind decision making

Expensive manual processes and low margins

Rapid customer churn

What if there was a better way?

With deep roots in trucking and enterprise SaaS, project44 gives you best in class multimodal connectivity with an out of the box, low-cost, pay-as-you-go pricing model.

With project44, automate the lifecycle of a shipment across every mode of transportation regardless of what IT systems (TMS, ERP, WMS, OMS) you’re using. We are the only platform focused on replacing multiple legacy technologies with a single network to facilitate all your freight transactions.

project44 selected as Gartner's Cool Vendor in Supply Chain Execution Technology in 2017

p44 uses an approach to connecting carriers and their trading partners that is more efficient than other vendors in the market. They leverage API connectivity to replace outdated mechanisms like EDI, SMC3 rate bureaus, FTP, spreadsheets, website scraping, and manual process.

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project44 is the only technology provider in the market that allowed us to embrace new Volume API capabilities and connections without having to devote significant internal development resources to do the same. Within days of signing a contract, our team could secure real-time volume quotes and transit times from an entire network of carriers – immediately increasing our productivity, helping us make smarter decisions at a much quicker pace, all while allowing our internal resources to focus on other critical initiatives.

– Dave Bush, Senior Vice President of Carrier Relations & Pricing at GlobalTranz