A Profitable Way to Ship Volume LTL

A few linear feet make a big difference in cost

Imagine shipping volume freight without picking up the phone to call carriers or manually calculating linear feet. That’s what you can do with project44's automation solutions - without worrying about infrastructure development or carrier integrations.

Increase Efficiency

project44 helps our customers take advantage of volume discounts while reducing lost time and opportunity costs. Ultimately, cutting your freight costs by double-digit percentages.

Reduce Errors

The resulting automation allows you to navigate complex requirements and dynamic variables (fuel surcharges, linear feet, accessorial costs and transit times) without error.

One-to-Many Network

Reduce integration complexity and instantly establish API-based connections with our entire Capacity Provider Network, including over 70% of the domestic Volume LTL capacity.

Shifting more freight to volume LTL and automating your processes will cut freight costs by over 20%

Amazon and Uber are entering the logistics market and creating a massive margin compressions for 3PLs and traditional brokers. The best way to offer that is by gaining efficiencies.

Volume is also called Partial Truckload or Spot Quotes and required for shipments greater than 12 linear feet, but less than 28 linear feet. With the industry's only real-time automation platform for Volume LTL, project44 quickly will help you increase efficiencies, reduce errors, decrease costs, and restrict shipment rerates.

Access quote-to-invoice volume automation directly within your TMS or a portal

Real-Time Volume LTL Rates

Automate access to Volume LTL carriers and their rates. Eliminate the agonies of errors, delays and associated fees when handling dynamic variables—fuel surcharges, accessorial costs, and transit times.

Automated Tendering

Automatically tender a Volume LTL or Partial Truckload shipment into a carrier’s system (and get immediate confirmation of accepted pickup) from directly within your portal or TMS.

Instant, Live Visibility

project44 not only instantly tracks volume shipments to the next stop, nearest city, and endpoint, but provides meaningful exception management functionality.

Document Retrieval

Increase the efficiency of invoicing by automatically pulling Proof of Delivery, Bill of Lading, and W&I directly from a carrier's database.

Ready to see p44 in action?

See firsthand how project44's real-time automation solutions deliver the visibility and speed required to grow revenue and increase productivity.