project44's eCommerce Freight Solutions

Eliminate costly shopping cart abandonment with a more efficient and automated approach.

project44 is the first and only platform that provides on-demand visibility to your eCommerce customers from purchase to delivery of freight items. This includes shipping rates, delivery time frames, and live shipment tracking.

Deliver Seamless Shopping Experiences

project44's modern automation solutions reduce shopping cart abandonment and increase eCommerce revenue, growing customer happiness and loyalty.

Grow Revenue with Automation

Eliminate wasteful manual processes. Convert online inventory to sales faster, and shorten your cash-to-cash conversion cycles with our modern connectivity network.

Optimize your Networks to Provide Choice

Use project44 to optimize your fulfillment methods based on consumer locations and preferences, providing fast and transparent online freight delivery.

eCommerce Retailers

We are the only platform focused on automating manual backend logistics processes in order to pass real-time delivery timelines and freight visibility directly to online consumers.

Your systems are connected into a network of inventory, suppliers, and transportation carriers via our Capacity Provider Network, all on the backend.

Here's how project44 empowers you to give more control to your online customers.

Live Delivery Timeframe

Eliminate costly shopping cart abandonment caused by hardcoded delivery timeframes on heavy-weight items. With project44, customized carrier transit times are presented to your shoppers during the checkout process.

Real-Time Rates

Integrate delivery rates with each possible delivery timeframe into your eCommerce portal to better meet shopper needs and expectations, similar to small package shopping experiences

Transparent Shipment Tracking

Say goodbye to unknown delivery windows. Connect your eCommerce portals with project44 to guarantee online consumers can always access real-time shipment visibility on their orders.

Self-Serve Customer Service

Automate direct consumer access to shipment visibility, alleviating lengthy customer service wait times, and reducing resource requirements by 67%.

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