Transportation Technology Partners

project44’s highly mature enterprise SaaS architecture and integration management capabilities enable us to develop the most connected cloud ecosystem of supply chain and transportation technologies.

Data Normalization

project44's ability to normalize disparate multimodal (LTL, VLTL, TL, Rail) data sets makes information from various sources easier to consume and understand.

Real-Time Connectivity

p44 delivers instant data connectivity between technology systems. We only deliver the highest quality data and won’t compromise inferior forms, like excel uploads or EDI.

One-to-Many Network

Our model reduces integration complexity and improves your speed to market while lowering your ongoing maintenance costs, ultimately providing a much faster ROI.

Available Transportation Technology Partners

project44 seamlessly integrates with transportation technologies that supply chain leaders rely on every day, adding significantly more value to the end users and accelerating technology adoption in the transportation and logistics sector.

The world’s most innovative transportation technologies are integrated with project44


2ship’s TMS software, powered with project44’s Freight APIs, delivers real-time connectivity through one easy-to-use platform.


3Gtms is a Transportation Management System (TMS) that empowers Shippers and 3PLs with the right software to profitably manage the “order to settlement” freight lifecycle.

10-4 Systems

Automate your full truckload and LTL freight transactions, eliminating manual processes and reducing your cost per shipment.


ADSI users can add new LTL carriers or update existing carriers’ rates in a fraction of the time, while automating dispatch and tracking requests and delivering BOL and POD images in real-time.


AscendTMS can leverage project44’s freight API connectivity directly from within their free, cloud-based AscendTMS. Get access to both web-based products through one, easy-to-use system.


Access the combined benefits of project44’s web-service APIs and Contax’s SAP software solutions through one, easy-to-use cloud-based platform.


With this integration, shipper and 3PLs can instantly connect to any carrier using a CLI system, adding more diversity, flexibility, and connectivity options to all parties of the freight transaction.

Cloud Logistics

With this integration, Cloud Logistics’ TMS customers achieve Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) savings faster, less expensively than traditional EDI-based integration methods.


With this partnership, we offer solutions that bring efficiency and automation to freight brokerages or 3PL organizations.

FreightWare TMS

The core capabilities of FREIGHTWARE TMS are extended with the integration of project44’s Imaging and Tracking APIs, delivering users real-time shipping data and documents directly into their TMS.

Google Apps - Weather and Traffic

Respond to supply chain disruptions before they happen by accessing live weather and traffic updates via project44's APIs.


Want to leverage project44, but don't want to deploy a full TMS? Haul can handle your rating, dispatch, tracking, and BOL generation from the cloud. Haul has accessible pricing for the SMB market, a simple UI, and no contract, month-to-month billing.

Logistical Labs

LoadDex users can leverage project44’s large network of LTL carriers directly from within the LoadDex interface via APIs to pull carrier rates in real-time and execute instant booking.


The new integration enables MacroPoint’s accurate, location-specific freight tracking capabilities on project44’s web-service network for less–than-truckload (LTL) shipments.

McLeod Software

project44 powers McLeod Software's PowerBroker and PowerBroker LTL platforms to deliver real-time connectivity, reduce admin costs and streamline operations.

MercuryGate International

Both project44 and MercuryGate are committed to adding value for our mutual clients by providing a seamless experience that allows them to leverage a robust API solution for rating, dispatch, tracking and imaging.


Discover MFW’s fully-automated TMS solution for Truckload, LTL & Parcel shipments. Built around the power and efficiency of project44's API network, MFW delivers data solutions when you need it in one beautiful display.

Next Generation Logistics

Founded in 1988, NGL is a leader in technology based supply chain services and transportation software solutions with 3 distinct divisions focusing on outsourced managed transportation services, TMS, and network optimization studies.


Get project44's real-time API connectivity directly within Revenova’s next generation cloud TMS.

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Through project44’s ecosystem of technology partners our customers gain access to the data and visibility required to remain competitive.