Get 100% Multimodal Visibility without the Hassle

A single source to view all your inventory positions

We created project44 to help you realize the untapped potential of your geo-location data. Getting fast, insightful and actionable information into in-transit inventory at any location of your supply chain is possible with just one implementation process.

Real-Time Automation

Achieve real-time visibility and eliminate the costs associated with manual legacy solutions like phone calls, emails, FTP, spreadsheets, website scraping, and EDI.

Turn Location Data into Insights

Turn tracking and location data into actionable visibility insights about shipment status and ETA risk to make better decisions and improve interactions with customers.

One-to-Many Network

Reduce integration complexity and establish real-time connections with your capacity providers without the adoption issues and status disruptions typical of most solutions.

Get the most comprehensive picture of in-transit inventory at any location in your supply chain

90% of retail executives think real-time data is the key to success, yet less than 39% have visibility tools in place and 75% of those tools are not integrated with their freight management system.

project44 uses a completely different and more efficient approach than other vendors. In doing so, we are the only vendor to automate and provide visibility into the entire full shipment lifecycle across multiple modes of transportation including LTL, volume LTL, Truckload and Intermodal.

Here's why project44 produces the strongest supply chain impact

Highest Quality Location Data

p44 is committed to providing the highest quality of location enabled visibility data to our customers. We will not compromise inferior forms of geo-location data, such as daily excel uploads, or sporadic EDI 214 data. 

A Single, Multimodal Access Point

project44 is the only platform to support a broad range of Less-Than-Truckload (LTL), Volume LTL, Full Truckload and Rail visibility activities, providing you industry-leading speed, automation, and productivity.

Increased Adoption Rates

We deliver the highest possible coverage across all domestic TL carriers by implementing a three pronged approach of obtaining Geo-Location Data from our Truckload Carriers, including the only US ELD industry aggregator.

Strong Driver Consent and Happiness

With truckload carrier integrations, we improve driver consent by not requiring a specific phone app download.

Complex Exception Management

project44 not only instantly tracks multimodal freight to the next stop, nearest city, and endpoint, but provides meaningful exception management functionality.

Increased Internal Efficiencies

Eliminate the cost and manual processes associated with legacy solutions, like phone calls/emails, FTP, spreadsheets, website scraping, and EDI.

Ready to see p44 in action?

See firsthand how project44's automation solutions deliver the visibility and speed required to grow revenue and increase productivity.