Make LTL Transportation Simpler and More Profitable

Access all inventory positions though a single API integration

Whether you’re a retailer or supplier, you must have an up-to-date picture of your in-transit inventory. project44 provides that by replacing multiple legacy technologies with a single modern network to automate and optimize LTL transport from quote-to-invoice.

Single Integration Point

Our SaaS approach to freight automation allows us to deliver tailored integration solutions that swiftly and thoroughly overcome EDI obstacles in a more cost-effective and user-friendly way.

One-to-Many Network

Unlike EDI or self-built APIs, project44 connects you to the industry's largest network of LTL capacity providers (99% of available domestic LTL capacity) with just one integration point.

Data Normalization

project44 normalizes and enriches disparate data sets to make information easier to consume and understand—helping you make educated business decisions faster.

Automate the entire shipment lifecycle to get the most comprehensive picture of your in-transit inventory

90% of retail executives think real-time data is the key to success, yet less than 39% have visibility tools in place and 75% of those tools are not integrated with their freight management system.

Since 2014, project44 has led the market with the most trusted and effective API-based LTL automation solutions. We use a completely different and more efficient approach than other vendors. In doing so, we are the only vendor to provide visibility into the entire freight shipment lifecycle from quote-to-invoice. Here's what that means for you.

project44 automates your entire shipment process from quote-to-invoice

Real-Time Rate Quote

With one integration point for quote to invoice, eliminate slow and expensive rating databases. Ultimately, get the most accurate rates with limited administrative requirements via project44.

Confirm a Route

Replace CarrierConnect to gain more visibility into live lane-by-lane transit times—increasing your confidence in the carrier selection process.

Automated Tendering

EDI confirms receipt of a tender request. It does confirm a pickup. Automate tender requests via API and instantly receive a confirmation number with no manual intervention.

Instant, Live Visibility

Replace EDI 214 and manual tracking practices with project44’s location-based visibility to access real-time ETA updates without needing to contact the carrier or drivers.

Document Retrieval

Increase the efficiency of invoicing and reduce manual FTP requirements by pulling POD, BOL and W&I directly from a carrier in bulk.

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