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Join the projectAUTOMATE Waitlist!

Published by project44 Team ● September 22, 2017

Set to kick off October 10-11 at the Ace Hotel in Chicago, project44’s first annual summit, projectAUTOMATE, brings together the best of the best to exchange information and accelerate change …

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Apple Might Face Supply Chain Issues With iPhone X

Published by project44 Team ● September 14, 2017

In a press conference on Tuesday, Apple announced several items on their upcoming product roadmap, including the tenth anniversary iPhone, the iPhone X. Like every iPhone before it, the X figures to …

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Selecting the Best Tech Vendor: What to Look For

Published by project44 Team ● August 17, 2017

Once technology breaks through in an industry, solutions begin popping up in every corner. Many of these solutions are copycats, many offer lackluster products and services, and some of them are just …

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