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project44 Launches New Truckload Visibility Solution

Published by project44 Team ● November 14, 2017

Information is the most valuable component in transportation and logistics right now. Supply chain leaders continue to chase full visibility, but they do not have access to the right information, in …

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Collaboration is Key at projectAUTOMATE

Published by project44 Team ● October 25, 2017

When the leaders of an industry come together to collaborate, attack challenges, and share ideas, a clear picture of the future comes into greater focus. That’s exactly what we had in mind when we …

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Join the projectAUTOMATE Waitlist!

Published by project44 Team ● September 22, 2017

Set to kick off October 10-11 at the Ace Hotel in Chicago, project44’s first annual summit, projectAUTOMATE, brings together the best of the best to exchange information and accelerate change …

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Carrier API Integration Programs Signal New Era

Published by project44 Team ● September 20, 2017

The modern consumer demands a smarter and simpler movement of goods, while also expecting to be completely informed throughout the entire process. This is commonly referred to as the “Amazon …

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