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Visibility Means Simplicity

Published by project44 Team ● April 13, 2018

Supply chains are complex. There is an expansive amount of data based around even a single shipment, and a wealth of different ways to process and interpret that data. There are so many possible …

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Visibility Means Solutions That Fit Your Business

Published by project44 Team ● April 11, 2018

Apart from technological constraints, one of the main reasons that it has taken so long for a true visibility solution to hit the market is that no two businesses are exactly alike. While a …

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LTL Tracking Efficiencies and Accuracy

Published by project44 Team ● April 5, 2018

Visibility has been a main priority of supply chains for a long time now. When we first started integrating our APIs with carriers, 3PLs, TMS providers, shippers, and more, one of our main focuses …

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Visibility Goes Beyond Tracking

Published by project44 Team ● April 4, 2018

Visibility has been a focal point of logistics companies for decades, but until recently, technology has been unable to retrieve accurate and up-to-date data to provide true shipment visibility …

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