Can you track a freight shipment moving through any part of your global supply chain in less than 1 second?

With project44, you can.

Our enterprise cloud network powers the dynamic supply chain of the future through real-time connectivity and visibility.

Security, Speed, Agility

Work smarter, not harder. Get connected to the industry’s fastest and most intelligent network of APIs.

Helping Ecommerce Businesses Outperform Amazon

Deliver seamless ecommerce consumer experiences with intelligent, real-time inventory and shopping cart solutions.

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Enabling Suppliers to Meet Deadlines

Meet tightened arrival deadlines with agile, real-time transportation solutions and on-demand supply chain connectivity.

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Developing More Strategic 3PLs

Power your TMS with project44 to deliver more strategic customer relationships while increasing internal productivity and reducing cost.

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Increasing Carrier Efficiency and Visibility

Deliver superior transportation services with fewer missed deadlines, better customer experience and lower cost per shipment.

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Partnering to Improve the Supply Chain

Our SaaS solutions integrate into other technologies, helping users discover new value through true end-to-end supply chain visibility.

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Empowering Retailers to Avoid Stockouts

Get instant visibility and better manage your inbound inventory with project44's real-time connectivity solutions.

Leverage APIs to Improve Inventory Management

Your current solution is giving you more than just a headache. It’s reducing your profit and causing loyal customers to switch to competitors.

Want to know exactly how many resources you’re wasting? Get a side by side comparison of project44’s intelligent APIs to your legacy connectivity systems.

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