Deliver stronger value to your customers, through the power of information.

By digitizing your entire shipment lifecycle, get access to the right information, at the right time - creating a smarter end-to-end shipping experience. Just like Amazon.

Information Symmetry: Transforming You Logistics Operations

project44 provides the industry’s only end-to-end solution that connects all modes of transportation across the entire shipment lifecycle regardless of what IT systems you are using. That means:

Customer Experience

Modern consumers demand a smarter movement of goods, while also expecting to be completely informed throughout the entire process. This is completely changing the way shippers need to do business.

Guarantee a superior customer experience

Real-Time Visibility

Get connected to a single source of truth that delivers the highest quality data in the market. p44 eliminates gaps in visibility with complete information symmetry across a shipment lifecycle and entire supply chain.

Access comprehensive end-to-end visibility

Productivity and Efficiency

Get speed and scale by automating your shipment lifecycle from across all transportation modes. Learn how p44 helps you support new automations and carriers without additional IT resources or complex integrations.

Improve the efficiency of your entire business


Going beyond tracking a location, with over 91,000 carrier connections and access to industry’s most accurate transportations data, p44 develops powerful BI tools to help you identify and respond to exceptions.

Mitigate risk with exception management tools

We’re all trying to get our jobs done, but legacy technology is getting in the way.

In today’s market, logistics performance is inseparably tied to your overall consumer experience. Those that do not invest in transforming their logistics will fall behind … and the longer you wait to digitize, the more it’s going to cost you.

Calculate the ROI of smarter end-to-end shipping experience
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