project44 for Technology Providers

Give your customers instant access to the real-time data and end-to-end visibility required to execute truly agile supply chain management.

project44 seamlessly connects into industry leading technologies that transportation and supply chain entities rely on every day, adding significantly more value to the end users and accelerating technology adoption in the transportation and logistics sector.

Disconnected technology systems or processes…

Results in siloed and incomplete data.

Costs the industry billions from inefficient operations.

Limits your customers ability to make data-drive, agile decisions.

We Need Each Other to Meet Customer Needs.

But that doesn’t mean it’s easy to create the appropriate foundation for a purpose-built and, most importantly, valuable partnership model. project44’s highly mature enterprise SaaS architecture and integration service management capabilities enable us to develop the most connected cloud ecosystem of supply chain and transportation partners.

project44 remedies incomplete supply chain connectivity through our industry leading network of web service APIs.

Available Industry-Leading Integrations

project44’s cloud-based integration platform is uniquely positioned to bring together various niche platforms and technologies into one seamless network. Ultimately, adding more value to end users.

project44 Works with the World’s Best and Most Innovation Technology Providers

As a project44 integration partner, you’ll shorten your sales cycles and make your customers’ lives easier by eliminating lengthy or complicated IT integration processes.

Help streamline your customers’ processes, reducing the need for them to manage multiple integrations or batch data feeds. Become a part of the project44 channel partner ecosystem today.


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“True control tower capability is impossible with just batch information enabled by EDI. Web services based integration via APIs set the stage for providers to create the next generation of decision support tools. The scope is not just limited to supply chain visibility but can be leveraged in making dynamic pricing decisions based on availability or shortage of capacity as well.”

- MercuryGate International, Inc.