project44 Streamlines Carrier Connectivity Process

Case Studies: February 1, 2017
Authors: Armstrong & Associates

This case study published by Armstrong and Associates summarizes the rapid growth project44 has seen in terms of clients, scope, staff, and investment. Read more about how project44 has established …


Transportation Predictions and Trends 2017

Industry Trend Reports: January 25, 2017
Authors: project44

The 2017 Trends Whitepaper encapsulates a few key trends we see heavily impacting freight transportation and logistics in 2017. It also examines a couple of e-commerce entities, which are driving the …


Dynamic Distribution Disruption: Retail Survey 2017

Industry Trend Reports: January 20, 2017
Authors: EFT in partnership with project44

With continuous disruption in retail and the increased need to track inventory availability and demand, we decided in collaboration with EFT, to survey 200 retailers on how they rate their maturity …


Improved Capacity Provider Connectivity for 3PLs

API Academy: January 13, 2017
Authors: project44

This Infographic shows the impact of replacing outdated legacy systems (EDI, FTP, SMC3) with project44’s modern technology solution. For a fraction of the cost, we empower 3PLs to execute fast, …


Living Digital in a Dinosaur World

White Papers: December 13, 2016
Authors: Karl Manrodt, Ph.D. & Mary Holcomb, Ph.D.

Defining success for retailers today is pretty simple. Respond more rapidly and efficiently to whatever demands customers want, at a price they are willing to pay, regardless of platform (mobile, …


The Financial Impact of APIs

API Academy: December 4, 2016
Authors: project44

APIs are undoubtedly the fastest, most seamless way to retrieve real-time data and make educated decisions. They have the potential to completely overhaul the supply chain technology landscape, …