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[VIDEO] Why EDI Technology is Dead in Logistics

Published by project44 Team ● February 22, 2017

For decades, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) has been the default means of data transfer between carriers, shippers, and 3PLs. project44 aims to replace incumbent technology – including EDI, web …

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Panel Recap: The Future of Transportation Technology

Published by project44 Team ● February 20, 2017

In an industry typically hesitant towards innovation, yet also recently saturated with new technologies, solutions that enhance supply chain processes will have the largest potential influence on …

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Be Informed: Weekly Fuel and Diesel Prices

Published by project44 Team ● February 9, 2017

It’s hard to believe that a few short years ago, the biggest economic concern for the freight industry was the price of fuel. It seemed that prices were destined to stay high as the world reach a …

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The Age of Logistics Startups is Well Underway

Published by project44 Team ● January 11, 2017

This is no longer a new phenomenon. But what will become clear in 2017 is just how large this wave will be. And the telling sign of how big it will be is the amount of venture capital and …

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How Retail APIs Help Retailers Survive Peak Season

Published by project44 Team ● November 28, 2016

Holiday e-commerce sales this year could reach $90 billion, a 13% boost from 2015. If e-tailers are not perfectly prepared to handle the influx in demand, it could be a long couple of months. …

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The Battle has Ended: API vs EDI

Published by project44 Team ● November 23, 2016

Earlier this month at eyefortransport’s North American Logistics CIO Forum, a group of industry experts led by Eric Johnson, Technology Editor at American Shipper, debated the benefits and …

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p44 gets still with the Mannequin Challenge

Published by project44 Team ● November 18, 2016

Launched in 2014, project44 is a cloud provider of intelligent web-service APIs for logistics. In an industry long resistant to change, we’re creating a major technology shift by introducing an …

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Passionate EDI Supporters Needed!

Published by project44 Team ● September 26, 2016

The use of APIs (application programming interfaces) has gained a ton of traction in transportation and logistics, especially in the last year. But still, some say EDI is so ingrained in the …

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